Man’s Makeover

Man's Makeover

Male cosmetics were originally targeted towards homosexual men, however, market research revealed that only a third of male cosmetic consumers were gay. Some men use beauty products to cover perceived flaws on their faces, such as acne marks and freckles. Additionally, some men use cosmetics to boost their physical appearance.

Makeup is frequently used by male stage performers and movie actors. Intensive makeup might be used to produce a zombie-effect, aging or other special effects, for a movie. Although using makeup can be time-intensive, it saves time and cost compared to the use of computer-driven special effects and can be more visually appealing to the audience

With the number of aging populations around the world continually increasing, older men are also turning towards cosmetics to slow the appearance of physical aging effects. Many of these effects include wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and even hair damage; the appearance of all of these can be reduced by the use of cosmetics.

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