Chittagong Khulshi club’s primary purpose, since its foundation, has been to create avenues for members to relax and socialize. Whether a member chooses to unwind after a long day with friends or host a party for near and dear ones with some privacy, there are several, beautiful lounges at the club to satisfy each need: The Main Lounge, The Bengal Art Lounge, The Hamidur Rahman Sinha Lounge and the Surma Lounge.

Smoking is prohibited in the Bengal Art Lounge and Hamidur Sinha Lounge.

Main Lounge

The Main Lounge of the Club is an ideal place for members, family and friends to relax in comfortable and aesthetic surroundings and exchange opinions and analysis of current events. The Main Lounge regularly plays host to live entertainment from some of the most popular bands in town, cultural shows, balls and dinner parties. The Main Lounge is also where the Annual General Meeting takes place.

Bengal Art Lounge

The aesthetically pleasing Bengal Art Lounge is adorned with rare paintings, providing a uniquely beautiful and scenic facility to all the members of the club for hosting private parties. The lounge can house a maximum of fifty guests comfortably, and has adequate spacing for both socializing and serving dinner. Tariff of the lounge is Tk.10,000.00 per event. Maximum number of guest is 50. It is a no smoking lounge.

Hamidur Rahman Sinha Lounge
The plush lounge with its excellent décor is available for exclusive lunch, reception, cocktail or dinner. The large lounge with all its grandeur and superb ambience promises hospitality of a very high standard. The lounge also has the added attraction of an open terrace. The HR Sinha Lounge is ideal for family, friends and corporate guests.Tariff of the lounge is Tk.15,000.00 per event. Maximum number of guest is 100. It is a no smoking lounge.

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Padma Lounge
The Padma Lounge is a cozy area offering tranquility and privacy for intimate moments with close friends. Intricately furnished and beautifully lit, the lounge can seat 80 to 100 persons comfortably for members who would prefer to have a smaller, quieter affair.Tariff of the lounge is Tk. 20,000 per event.



The Following Conditions Apply for the Bengal Art Lounge, HR Sinha Lounge and Padma Lounge:

Chittagong Khulshi Club Limited dress code is mandatory for all guests. Information relating to prescribed dress code is communicated to the host and strict compliance is expected thereof.

Children below 18 years are not allowed in the evening party at the Bengal Art lounge except Fridays.

Decorations, Banners, Buntings are not allowed. Furniture cannot be shifted or rearranged.

Press conference/ sales conference/ political meeting and any marriage related functions are not allowed.

Press coverage of any event at the lounge by any print/electronic media is not permitted.